The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Jerry Eisenberg (Chouinard 56)

Jerry Eisenberg (Chouinard 56) checks in, “I had been given a three-year scholarship to Chouinard by the Los Angeles Examiner Scholastic Sports Association where I had won its sports cartoon contest when I was a freshman at Hamilton High School. I was Hamilton High’s chief cartoonist until my graduation, which was on a Friday, and three days later I entered the amazing, wonderful world of the Chouinard Art Institute. Wow! What a great school! I had great teachers like Watson Cross, Don Graham, Elmer Plummer, Richard Moore (an outstanding design teacher), Bob Winquist, etc. Later, I started my career in the animation/cartoon world at MGM, Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, Marvel, and beyond. I felt so fortunate to work with so many great, talented people like Joe Barbera, Chuck Jones (Chouinard 30), Mike Maltese, Ken Harris, Abe Levitow, Iwao Takamoto, and especially learning from my cartoonist/father, Harvey Eisenberg and many more. To have made a good living creating and designing ‘silly cartoon characters’ was remarkable. How lucky to be doing something I love, because not everybody loves what they do. It’s rough out there!”