The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Vineet Vyas ’14

Vineet Vyas ’14 reports, “A lot has been happening since graduating from CalArts. Most recently I was featured as a tabla soloist at the third annual Los Angeles Tabla Festival in August. It’s always so great to return to LA to perform and meet friends and artists. In 2016 a Fellowship from American Institute for India Studies allowed my family and me to travel to India for nine months. The beauty of this fellowship was three-fold. It allowed me to revitalize the Benares Gharana Tabla repertoire I originally learnt from my Guru, late Padma Vibhushan Pt. Kishan Mahahraj. Secondly, I performed in many concerts across India with stalwarts such as Us. Amjad Ali Khan; Pt. Rajan and Pt. Sajan Mishra; and my wife, a beautiful Kathak dancer, Bageshree Vaze. Thirdly, it allowed our amazing children, Kalashree and Vihaan, to experience life in India, and thrive in studies at the Delhi Public International School. In 2017 I was commissioned by Opera Nova Scotia to create Satyam, based on Gustav Holst’s opera Savitri. It premiered May 2017 in Halifax, NS, and featured CalArts alum Sharon Kim ‘14. In 2019 I was a finalist for the Muriel Sherrin Award for International Achievement in the Arts presented by The Toronto Arts Federation. LA, I know I’ll be back!”