The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Paul Richmond ’84

Paul Richmond ’84 updates us: “After graduating CalArts, I received an MFA from AFI. I produced public affairs programming and wrote for a number of smaller newspapers, mostly around Portland, OR. I played a role in ending clearcutting in Portland’s main watershed, ending a program that had the National Guard accompanying on drug raids, and in defeating a $1.3 billion public works project that was no longer achieving its objective. From 1998–2001 I attended UW Law School in Seattle where I participated in the creation of the Independent Media Center, organized a lot of the legal support for the WTO demonstrators, and was a producer of the documentary Urban Warrior about the militarization of law enforcement. I run a small law practice in Bellingham, WA, and do family, consumer, and criminal law as well as civil rights when I get a chance. I was involved in several cases that modified policy for the Department of Homeland Security, including limiting the use of checkpoints outside of borders.”