The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Nini Mazen ’82

Nini Mazen ’82 checks in with, “Greetings, CalArts Alumni and Friends! In August 1979 I entered the School of Theater, PADT (Performing Arts, Design, and Technology). My teachers were all working professionals at the top of their game—extraordinarily talented. I earned a BFA in Production Stage Management and loved every moment being a CalArts student. After graduating I was offered an entry-level position at a movie production company named Cannon Films. ‘Movies!’ I exclaimed. ‘I’ve never done a movie before. My training is in live stage—theater, dance, music. I didn’t go to Film School.’ Looking back, I am forever grateful for the success I’ve achieved in the motion picture industry for 35 years. Hard work, dedication, focus, and my parents Dr. Mazen & Dr. Brine were, and always will be, the key to my success. I always think fondly of my time at CalArts. I’m very proud to have graduated from this fine arts institute that Walt Disney envisioned on top of a little hill in Valencia, where artists can thrive and explore their talents. Wishing you all Peace!”