The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Mitchell Leitschuh ’19

Mitchell Leitschuh ’19 updates us: “Since graduating last spring with my MFA in Technical Direction, I moved to NYC and now work as an Audio-Visual Technician at the Museum of Modern Art, primarily in the new Marie-Joseé and Henry Kravis Studio. The museum is currently completing a major renovation and so far, my job has proven to be incredibly different every day, with interesting challenges and the chance to work with some truly amazing artists. One day I may be rigging a sound collage piece composed of found objects in the studio, and the next, installing a high-definition video tile wall in one of the galleries in the morning, then drafting a custom projector mount in the afternoon. I picked up most of these skills during my time at CalArts, and I’m so thankful for my time at such a challenging and amazing school.”