The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Marcia Resnick ’73

Marcia Resnick ’73 updates us: “My out-of-print book Re-visions has been republished by Edition Patrick Frey in Zürich, and is distributed by D.A.P. In 1975, while driving my car in Manhattan, I was in a car accident and my life “flashed” before me. When I awoke in the hospital, I began to think about all the events which led to that moment. I wrote down ideas and drew pictures considering my life thus far, and created a poignant and ironic autobiographical book of staged photographs about female adolescence. Re-visions was first published by The Coach House Press in Toronto (1978). It’s a collection of revisualizations of memories, often revised to augment the irony and humor of the human condition. The words and pictures are equally important—they feed off each other—working in concert or in discord to form the narrative. Andy Warhol called it ‘bad,’ and according to Allen Ginsberg it was ‘sharp … for a girl.’ Now, 41 years later, longtime friend Lydia Lunch pays homage to the second edition of Re-visions: ‘A sweet twist which whispers in mysterious tones predicting the delicious perversion of a budding adolescence.’”