The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Lisa Mikulchik ’73

Lisa Mikulchik ’73 tells us: “I recently retired from my career as a creative specialist/art instructor for a number of programs serving people with developmental disabilities. I sort of stumbled into the work through a job listing for people with ‘empathy, patience, and good communication skills.’ It was amazing work and the clients became family to me. The work also brought me back into my own art-making. Most recently, I’ve been creating mixed-media wall pieces, set in cigar boxes, that I think of as ‘interior dioramas’ on issues of the soul—all from my own personal point of view (of course). I guess the content/subjects/themes can also be described as assemblage, often incorporating feminist commentary and the use of visual puns, irony, word play. I would welcome any contact from my CalArts friends!”