The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Emery Martin ’06

Emery Martin ’06 writes to tell us: “Electronic Countermeasures—Kerstin Hovland ’12 and I—teamed up once again with Beck for The Night Running Tour. We were tasked with designing, animating, programming, shooting, and creating custom hardware to take on the new tour, all revolving around mirrors and reflections. Electronic Countermeasures created an ambitious slate of conventional 2-D and 3-D animated looks that utilized both analog and digital methods, ranging from handcrafted collage and hand-drawn animation to surreal 3-D CG, and even photocopier generation loss. We swapped our usual roles, with Kerstin taking on the programming of real-time notch effects for the live camera feeds and additional media server programming, while I (along with fellow CalArts Alumnx Calvin Frederick ’14 took on the design and engineering of a pair of custom mirror box optical effects and full-size practical mirror array to transport Beck’s live performance into an analog mirror world. They were also able to bring in the unique talents of alumnx Jess Igelhart ’16 for 3-D CG, Patricia Luna ’15 for digital hand-drawn animation, and Melody Yenn ’18 for hand-drawn animation, illustration, and paper collage.”