The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Dean Lyras ’74

Dean Lyras ’74 checks in: “During my last year at CalArts, I was a student trainee on the Disney film The Strongest Man in the World. After graduating, my friend and mentor Verna Fields recommended me to Universal Studios as an assistant director. One of the many films I worked on during that period was Blues Brothers, for which my fellow classmates Bruce Berman’74 and SeanDaniel ’73 were executives. I started a camera rental company in the late 1990s named Rocky Mountain Motion Pictures. We did over 50 feature films and were based in Hollywood. Currently I’m living between Prague and Los Angeles, and I’m working on a Holocaust film titled Lucky Man, shot in Prague and the San Francisco area. I work mostly as a 2nd Unit director/cameramen and I’m in the Directors Guild of America as well as the International Cinematographers Guild. I would look forward to reconnecting or hearing from any of my fellow classmates or even any CalArts students working in film. Thanks.”