The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Chad Hamill ’97

Chad Hamill ’97 writes, “This past July and August, I brought Coyote Made the Rivers: Indigenous Ecological Continuity in the Era of Climate Change to audiences throughout Australia, including Launceston, Hobart, Sydney, and Macquarie Park. With a blend of music, visual imagery, storytelling, and scholarship (what I’ve termed ‘performative scholarship’), the work employs traditional stories about the Columbia River and its tributaries in the Northwest US. It’s a springboard for examining the degradation of rivers that have been the lifeblood of tribes in the region for millennia. In addition, it explores the ways in which the Spokane Tribe and surrounding Native nations have exercised resilience and resistance in maintaining their relationships with their ancestral homelands. Emphasizing traditions not dissimilar from those in other indigenous communities, the work illuminates perspectives that take on added urgency in the era of climate change.”