The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Catherine Guard ’82

Catherine Guard ’82 writes to tell us: “While Leonice was on tour for seven months, I decided to try my hand at comedy. One evening in 2003, waiting to go onstage at The Ha-Ha Comedy Cafe in North Hollywood, CA, for an open mic night, I thought up the ideaa for ‘Cash Cab.’ Crouching by the bar nursing a Mai Tai, I began to gripe about NY Cabbies, and about this time a limo driver kept circling the airport trying to pick up more fares, when all I wanted was to get into the city to see my dying sister. By chance, comedian Ben Bailey had been crouching nearby listening to my rant when I exclaimed, ‘Riding in a cab should be fun! There should be a gameshow in cabs where you could win money—like Jeopardy, only without Alex Trebek!’ Another comedian who was nearby chimed in, shouting: ‘and you can call it Cash Cab!’”