The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Goh Kurosawa ’03

Goh Kurosawa ’03 tells us: “This summer I was invited to participate in an event organized by Seiya Nagaoka in Kyotango, and therefore, was able to experience the summer in Japan—something I have not experienced in 20 years. He told me he could plan his event around my schedule, so I finalized my itinerary with the date of my high school reunion in mind, and we agreed on a date for his event in Kyotango. After performing in Myanmar in 2017, it has become a fun goal of mine to visit a new country each year in which to perform my music. In 2018 I went to Cuba, this year, in the spring, I visited Geruma Island in Okinawa, and I just finished visiting Shiki and Kyotango in Japan. It is key to not get completely wired up with the goal I have created, but to have fun with it, so my take on a new country is fairly flexible. Flexibility and mobility are keys to rejoicing. Today I’m demonstrating this by eating two different kinds of Japanese sticky beans, both with the exact same sauce and with different kinds of sauces. This is rejoicing—which is where I want to be.”