The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Andrea Williams ’12

Andrea Williams ’12 checks in: “Howdy, from Idaho! Since you’ve seen me I’ve gained a newfound love for bluegrass music. I went to my first bluegrass festival in Montana this summer (I know, look at me go!). I’m loving my role in the marketing department at a rafting company in Moscow (Mos-coe—we ain’t Russia, but sometimes the temperature feels like it). Working in the outdoors industry has been an amazing fit for all my gifts and talents. I’ve been able to work on a range of projects, from planning our founder’s 85th birthday celebration to designing logos for our next campaign. I am so grateful to use my love for video, photo, and writing. I’ve also been creating systems for productivity and employee engagement. Come visit! We’ll go rafting and sleep under the stars! It’s truly wonderful.”