The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Ruth Cox ’74

Ruth Cox ’74 reports, “As a kid from CA’s Central Valley, my time at CalArts was so formative—an awakening to the possibilities of a life filled with creative expression. After working in the theater and Hollywood as an actor in my 20s and 30s, I did graduate work in psychology and embarked on a second-act career as an educator. While teaching a wide range of courses at San Francisco State, I’d smuggle in ideas from acting and transpersonal psychology. Looking back, I now see it was all about further explorations into understanding human nature. Now in my third act, I’ve been writing and making botanical art, which has led to collaborations with two friends on a book, A Basket of Words: Twenty Years of Writing Together, and a florilegium project with other artists in Northern CA to document the gardens on Alcatraz. My partner Milton Chen and I were happy to be able to support the Stan Lai/CalArts production of Night Walk—a fantastic full-circle feeling to see CalArtians performing in the exquisite setting of the Huntington Chinese Gardens. Looking forward to celebrating CalArts’s 50th!”