The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Markene (Marki) Smith ’73

Markene (Marki) Smith ’73 writes, “I’ve worked as a writer/editor/photographer for Petersen’s Photographic Magazine for nearly a decade. I also wrote for L.A. Weekly (films), was Contributing Editor at Rolling Stone (Photography column), and performed as an extra in Orson Welles’s The Other Side of the Wind. I moved to the SF Bay Area to work for Atari Home Computers. When Warner Bros. sold Atari, I launched a long freelance career as a writer/creative director for Apple, Adobe, and other fast-growing tech companies. I married cartoonist/Web developer Ted Richards. We have one child together and another from his previous marriage. Ted and I are good friends living in different houses about a mile apart in a small town an hour south of San Francisco, between San Jose and Santa Cruz. Today, I volunteer as a UCCE Master Gardener, give talks on edible landscape design, and staff the MG Help Desk. I’m active in several local community groups, and have taught our brilliant Russian Blue to jump through a hoop, ‘high-five,’ come when called, and play ‘cat ball.’”