The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Nicole Ashton Conkle (Carstensen) ’00

Nicole Ashton Conkle (Carstensen) ’00 updates us: “My interactive public art piece, As You Wish, made its debut at Burning Man 2019! It’s a wishing portal and parallel universe transport, reminiscent of an Arabian minaret in a mirage, beckoning one to enter. Once inside, the swirling points of light create a mystical chamber for the visitor’s wishes. The magical lamp turns with myriad points of light and dances across the desert, as the light inside carries the visitor’s wishes up to the stars. As You Wish is experiential from every perspective: visual at a distance; kinesthetic and auditory at the outer and inner surface; and visual and participatory inside. By expressing wishes with others, the very nature of one’s wishes will be impacted and inclusive of the wishes of others, elevating aspirations of all participants to a higher, more collectively benevolent plane. In other news, my creative partner Vance and I recently married at As You Wish during this year’s Burning Man event.”